A new map of the White Mountains

The Greek map company Anavasi has recently published a new map of the White Mountains and the region of Sfakia.
Most people who walk in Crete will already know the 1:25.000 Anavasi maps of the area of Pachnes (Central White Mountains), Sfakia and Sougia. There is also one for the area of Psiloritis.
First published around 5 years ago they were the first proper walking maps to be published for Crete.
Last autumn they brought out a new map called Lefka Ori / Sfakia. It has the same 1:25.000 scale and more or less combines the two maps of Sfakia and the White Mountains so it is about twice as large. Essentially you get two maps for slightly more that the price of one of the former ones. What I find interesting is that the new map offers far more information in the White Mountains with most of the summits names now marked. You can compare a small portion of the two maps below. At the top the old map and below the new one (it’s a scan so lower quality than the top map).

A small portion of the Anavasi White Mountains map


A small portion of the new Anavasi White Mountains map

A few more paths are also marked on the new map.

The new map has a few  drawbacks though:

  • it is far less solid than the original maps (which are slightly plastified and very strongly made) but at the price it won’t cost the earth to replace.
  • I find the map colour scheme a little less readable than the old map but that’s probably a matter of taste.
  • as it is about twice as large it won’t be as easy to handle in the field, especially on windy days.

But I can still highly recommend this new map for the extra information it contains.
You can find it in good bookshops in Crete (but beware, supply is not always reliable).
The new map has also recently become available on Amazon. Here are the direct links for Amazon.com (but beware, the price listed today is really high), Amazon.co.uk (currently the best deal) and Amazon.de .


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4 Responses to A new map of the White Mountains

  1. Yorgos says:

    I got an electronic version of the new map (version 87.rar) and when compared to the older electronic version of the three Lefka Ori maps I found a serious shortfall with the new map. Where with the earlier version by moving your pointer over the map one could read coordinates in both WGS84 and GGRS measurements plus elevation this function is not available in the latest edition.

    The reason for this change, I was told, is because the Toponavigator team is not part of the Anavasi Company any more. The only solution offered for coordinates reading was to use a free GIS named Quantum GIS that can be downloaded from the internet and then superimpose the new map on this software. Just too complex and time consuming for me I am afraid!

  2. Simon says:

    I agree with some of the drawback mentioned above:
    – the colour scheme ist slightly dark but has also got advantages. A drawback is that dark blue and black are poorly discriminable.
    – the larger paper will make it more difficult in windy conditions. But in general it will save weight and one doesn’t have to change in between the sheets any more.
    The advantages:
    – the northern mountains are included – and there are more paths, some already shown, some will or can be added in later versions
    – many more pathes have been included and now, only few are still missing (at least to my current knowledge)
    – this map will then be compatible with a possible “eastern” extension – I currently try to convince Anavasi of the necessity of this additional sheet.
    – the price is really fair.

  3. Yorgos says:

    Mrs Matsouka from Anavasi told me that the new “eastern” map extension will be available in April. I will check with them in a few weeks when I will be in Athens then.

  4. Peter Ward says:

    As many will probably know, the eastern extension referred to in a previous post is now available and in shops in Crete, I bought mine in Rethymno a couple of weeks back – 7 euros well spent.
    Peter W

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