How To Change Name In Flat Agreement

I want to expand the area by buying beyond what we have. Dear Mohit, 1 — one way or another, it`s good, his decision. In addition, you must also stay in touch with your banker/lender. 2 – If the property is registered on your spouse`s own account, you cannot receive tax benefits. Read: Group credits at home and tax impact. Good morning. I bought an apartment.i added my paternal name cause of home credit co I want to put my apartment on my own it is possible to eliminate my father`s name on the housing records still ready and I pay the full payment. hello sreekanth ji, I applied for a home loan as a co-applicant for the construction of a house on land in my wife`s name. The ME will be deducted from my account. I can benefit from a tax benefit. If not, what can I do to get the tax benefit from home loans??? My husband has a property with the joint venture with his mother.

Now he wants to add my name to the property. Can you suggest the simplest way? If we go for the gift certificate, does he still have to pay back the 2% tax on the real estate valuation? Because the property is already listed in the name of my husband and his mother. Dear Suresh, Is the property already `registered`, are you saying that your name is included in the `sales state`? Is this purchase- If you have only registered the sales contract, then n the sale state you can make your wife The full owner in Derene by becoming a confirmation part of the sale status. This is eligible and would save your stamp duty over the gift. Thanks for the blog. It`s really helpful. My request is downstairs. I bought an apartment in December 2013 and it is ready for registration in April 2016.

When I did the deed of sale, I only registered myself. Now I plan to add my spouse`s names also in the agreement before registration. I have the thread top entries that I can do easily. Hello sree… I`m Vani, who is currently in Sydney. we plan to buy a country in Bangalore my husband works in Sydney , because I house wife I can get a loan on my behalf? Or autony`s power need in my name?he wants to register property in my name and add his name later with gift deed. I need your advice. But when registering, is it possible to add names to my wife also with me? The bank says no because it does not come as a co-candidate in the loan. Please suggest if there is any chance of including my wife`s names in the registration of the accommodation. Hello Sreekanth, I made a deal with Builder for the purchase of a property (which is now under construction) on my behalf.

Is it possible to add co-owners during the deed of sale? To change your name, a copy of the following documents is essential: Dear Padma, Since you are not a co-owner of the property, you cannot claim tax advantages on the EMIs you pay. To qualify for tax benefits, your father must add you as a co-owner of the property by prior authorization from the bank. It can do this by running and recording a gift in your name on stamp paper. I have my name as a common second name with my brother in the house my father built. This means that his name is the first and my name is the second. I have left the country and I am afraid that my brother is trying to remove my name from the property. Very useful blog. I plan to buy an apartment in Hyderbad. Work is underway. We paid part of the payment and sales contract under my name.

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