Flower of the month | October | Sternbergia

Sternbergia sicula (or more precisely Sternbergia lutea subsp. sicula) is not found in the West of Crete but is the most common Sternbergia in the rest of the island.

Sternbergia lutea subsp. sicula

A large Sternbergia lutea subsp. sicula

It grows in open stony places, olive groves and phrygana and flowers in the autumn.

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2 Responses to Flower of the month | October | Sternbergia

  1. John Fielding says:

    Hi Jean,
    I have been dipping into your web site and have loved seeing some of the rare endemics I failed to see for myself on Crete. I have been close to them and still not found them e.g. Clematis elizabethae-carolae. So thank you for posting your lovely photographs and sharing your obvious love of Crete. I thought that I ought to mention something about Sternbergia in the west of Crete. Sternbergia lutea in its normal form is found in some villages in western Crete but it is almost certainly introduced to these places as an ornamental. Sternbergia sicula I have seen to the north of Askifou which may be outside of your (west of Crete) range. Sternbergia greuteriana grows up in the Omalos. I have however found Sternbergia sicula growing definitely wild just by Sougia which is in the west of Crete.
    Thanks John

  2. Jean says:

    Hello John,
    Thank you for the clarification about the confusing Sternbergia. I’ll keep an eye out for them in Askyfou and Sougia.

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