Flower of the month | August | Campanula jacquinii

There is not much flowering in Crete at the peak of the summer so I needed to go high up in the mountains to find a suitable candidate (thyme and sea daffodils which would be far more common were already mentioned in previous ‘Flower of the month’ so no luck there).

Campanula jacquinii is a rare cliff dwelling endemic of Crete which can look quite spectacular when you find a large population, like below in a cliff at around 1300m, somewhere above Gournes (a high pasture above Kares) in Apokorona.

Campanula jacquinii

Campanula jacquinii growing in a cliff

Campanula jacquinii

Campanula jacquinii

Campanula jacquinii is not as are as Campanula aizoides but you’ll still need some luck and dedication if you want to find it.

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