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Two videos (in English) caught my eye today.

The first is a shrill performance by a Greek actress (living in L.A.) who seems to think that calling Greeks Hellenes will solve a lot of problems. OK, unfair, there is a bit more to it. Some seem to like it but it has also caught some pretty sharp criticism.

The second is a rather more subdued response to the first video.

And in the meantime 32 parties are lined-up for the May 6th election….

Here is the list (provided by Athens News)

  1. Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok), Evangelos Venizelos
  2. New Democracy (ND), Antonis Samaras
  3. Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Aleka Papariga
  4. Radical Left CoalitionUnitary Social Movement (Syriza), Alexis Tspiras
  5. Popular Orthodox Rally (Laos), Yiorgos Karatzaferis
  6. Democratic Alliance, Dora Bakoyannis
  7. Social Pact, Louka Katseli
  8. Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos
  9. Democratic Left, Fotis Kouvelis
  10. Drasi [Action]Liberal Alliance, Stefanos Manos and Grigoris Vallianatos
  11. Ecologists–Greens (Ecogreens), six-member committee
  12. Union of Centrists, Vassilis Leventis
  13. Liberal Party, K. Kaligiannis
  14. Popular Union–Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avyi), Nikolaos Michaloliakos
  15. Dimosthenis Vergis–Greek Ecologists, Dimosthenis Vergis
  16. Ochi [Democratic Revival and United Popular Front (Epam)], Stelios Papathemelis and 3-member ctte
  17. “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay” Movement, Vasilis Papadopoulos
  18. National Resistance Movement (KEAN), Ippokratis Savvouras
  19. Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Greece (KKE (m-l)–ML KKE), four-member ctte
  20. Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow (Antarsya), 21-member ctte
  21. Organisation of Communist Internationalists of Greece (OKDE), 3-member ctte
  22. Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK Trokskyists), Sabetai Matsas
  23. Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (OAKKE), 3-member ctte
  24. National Unity Association (SEE), N. Alikakos
  25. Koinonia [Society: Political Party of the Successors of Kapodistria], Michail Iliadis
  26. Pirate Party of Greece, I. Papagoupous
  27. Recreate Greece, Glavkos Tzimeros
  28. Panathinaikos Movement (Panki), Yiorgos Betsikas
  29. Axioprepeia [Dignity] (alliance of independent candidates), Panayiotis Theodoropoulos
  30. Renewing Independent Left, Renewing Right, Renewing Pasok, Renewing New Democracy, No to War, Party of Action I Give Away Land, I Give Away Debts, Save Lives, Panagrarian Labour Movement of Greece (Paeke) Miltiadis Tzalazidis
  31. Regional Urban Development (PAA), Nikos Kolitsis (sole candidate)
  32. Athanasios Daskalopoulos (Independent)


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5 Responses to Different opinions

  1. Yorgos says:

    As a Hellene (for me it sounds better rather than Greek) I liked Katerina’s video, mainly because of its positive message in those very difficult times for all that live in Hellas (for you that might be Greece) but also in other parts of Europe where the policy of “austerity” is causing that much pain and misery.
    The second video by the “Malakas” (see Wikipedia for translation), although not as slick and refined as the previous one, has some serious messages for all of us as it reveals the disenchantment with the whole political system (not Greece’s only) that has lead the majority of Greeks to this tragic situation that they have to face today. The concluding message, in the final slide, is a call not to vote for the two major political parties that have brought Greece to where it is today.
    (Although in the blog the second video does not come up due to a copyright claim I think that one can still see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMbkNDPiqyw or by searching You Tube for MALAKAS HELLENE, as I did a few minutes ago.)
    This disenchantment with the political system is reflected by the 32 political parties that appear in the list provided in Athens News (the Ethnos newspaper reports 36). Going by the polls published in the Greek press during the last few days it appears that only 10 of them might manage to get the required minimum 3% of votes to secure a seat in the 300 member Greek parliament. And 10 might be just too many. The worrying thing though is that the two major parties, ND and PASOK, according to recent polls, appear to be attracting only 22% and 18% of potential voters respectively, and the leader of ND is saying that he will never agree to a coalition with PASOK. The 4 far left parties appear to be attracting a combined 40% of the votes with the others going to the 2 far right parties and a number of independents who have recently split from the two major parties. Is Greece heading to another disaster and political paralysis after the 6th of May election? There are many who worry about this possibility, including many in the EU leadership ranks.
    (There is a further complication with the Greek electoral system that provides for the party that attracts the largest percentage of voters the right to 50 parliament seats, over and above the percentage of votes received. On that basis ND may get 50+55 (22% of 250) seats but is still short of a majority of 151. With PASOK getting 45 (18% of 250) there is a chance that a coalition of the two might get there, especially if they were to attract an independent or two. But the hatred that has been exhibited by the leader of ND towards PASOK makes this rather problematic).

  2. Jerry Glover says:

    In response to “I am a Hellene,” yes, I’d agree that ancient Greece gave birth to democracy.

    But democracy grew up and left home.

    Ah, Home is where the heart is. But also the danger.

    Greeks may blame the EU and IMF, but the rot lies within. Anyone living in LA should surely understand Hollywood. The Hollywood Horror genre of movies does not rest upon external threats. The best horror movies — from Psycho to Carrie, Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Hunter — all have the locus of horror **within** the family. It’s internal, not external.

    You must look inside for the threat, not outside. LA tells us this. 🙂

    • Jean says:

      The rot lies within. Absolutely right.

    • Yorgos says:

      Jerry, I totally agree with you and that has been the case since time immemorial. It is a pity, because the country has that much to offer but its worse enemies are indeed within.

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