Cretan holiday villa rentals

Amid the continuing talk of Greek crisis and all the foreign press hype about the country falling apart it is refreshing to see that local entrepreneurs are not afraid to embark on new and ambitious business ideas.

Based in Chania, is a brand new platform offering a wide collection of holiday villas in Crete directly from owners. Their concept is similar to Airbnb but concentrates on holiday villas with pools located in Crete only.

Because is run and owned by Cretans they are also able to visit all the properties, take their own photos and assess the accuracy of what is being offered.
The site design and functionality are excellent and highly professional. It’s a pleasure to see that very capable people are still working here and willing to go head on (albeit on a local and more specialized level) with huge businesses such as

I hope that they do well. And let’s not forget, the more we encourage people to not use All-inclusive holidays (in this case by offering a great, easy platform to chose villas from) the more we help the local economy.

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